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SubjectRe: Linux 2.4.x, ThinkPad T23 and HW?!
> > actually a prism2 (?) card, are mysteriously detected as an device created 
> > by "Harris Semiconductor" and it won't even try to let me access the card.
> Well guess what - it is
> > think I've tried every driver in the Kernel 2.4.18 now. Altho the kernel
> > does state that the card in question is supported, it does seem that either
> > the pci/device-id has changed (or something) so the driver doesn't notice
> > any cards???
> Or IBM did something weird.

The in-kernel driver doesn't support the MiniPCI Prism2.5 wireless cards,
Use the linux-wlan-ng driver from

I have almost exactly the same machine and have been running Linux on it for
months. I've found that it's one of the few laptops on which virtually
everything is supported by linux. The only thing unsupported is the Lucent
AMR modem. (And I suppose the security chip widgets, but i wouldn't use those

-- Gerald

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