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SubjectRe: Dual P4 Xeon i860 system - lockups in 2.4 & no boot in 2.2
On Fri, 1 Mar 2002, Alan Cox wrote:

> > Tried 2.2 again thinking it might work now with the fixed BIOS settings
> > but no, still getting the "Keyboard: Timeout - AT keyboard not present?"
> > and "hda: lost interrupt" messages. So I can't even boot 2.2 and I have no
> I guess that box is always assuming PnP or ACPI setup in which case 2.2
> will never work on it.

hmm. I guess this begs the question, is ACPI 100% working and stable now?
I've got a similar problem with add-in IDE controllers which add more than
8 IDE devices -- the 9th and higher devices are inaccessable with the same
"hd?: lost interrupt" messages (beginning with hdi). The machine in
question is a dual AthlonXP/MP 1900+ on that new Tyan S2466 mainboard. I
figured it was a BIOS issue, but if the BIOS demands that ACPI configure
stuff, then perhaps enabling ACPI is the key. I just wihs that BIOS
manufacturers would get a fucking clue and realize that not all of us are
going to be running that other ACPI-dependent OS on the board, and make a
BIOS that configures devices the old-fashioned way: doing the work itself.

Tyan also needs to realize that assigning the same address to two sensors
on the I2C bus just isn't a good idea...

Hopefully this fixes my problem. Thanks for the pointer! ;)

Kelsey Hudson
Associate Software Engineer
Compendium Technologies, Inc (619) 725-0771
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