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SubjectTulip bug?
Hello, I upgraded to 2.4.16 shortly after it was released and have since
experienced quasi-periodic kernel panics (every few weeks). I have tested
my memory and while I got a few faults after several hours this panic
behavior is not what I (perhaps erroneously) would expect from faulty memory
instigated kernel panics. I've also run 2.4.17 and also get kernel panics.

Yesterday I noticed something in the panic spew (it's hard to notice
much as more than a screenful is output, why is that? It seems to be

eth0: Internal fault the skbuff addresses do not match in tulip_rx: 00000010
vs. 077f8010 c77f8000/c77f8010

I have a Netgear Fastgear 310TX and compiled in the tulip and old DECChip
modules (it didn't seem to work with just tulip).

PS> Please (b)cc as I am not subscribed
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