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SubjectRE: Congrats Marcelo,

Hi Stephen. Seen M lately?

> Hi,

> FYI crypto is included in (Net|Free|Open)BSD source releases and I don't
> believe it is an issue for them.

> skd

OpenBSD is maintained in Canada. IIRC the FreeBSD IPSec patches started in

Japan, but I guess they have been merged into the mainstream. I don't know
about NetBSD.

However, the point is well taken. If our *BSD freeware OS' have been
shipping with IPSec and other advanced crypto, from the U.S. outbound than
it's a
precedent we may be able to follow. Also the Debian project seems to be
moving in
that direction (including crypto in their mainstream distro).

Obviously I opened a can of worms with my question. I just wanted to know
the unofficial patches would be sync with 2.4.18 (so I could fetch and
apply them
without having to wrangle addition .rej files; since I a number of local
patches to
apply and wrangle *their* rejects is enough work already).

Clearly there's alot of pent up demand to include more stuff in the
I can understand Marcelo's conservatism (and Linus'). So the various
branch trees
that are popping up. This latest one by Jorg Prante (sorry of the the lack
proper diacriticals) is a nice base, with XFS, rmap, Ingo's O(1) scheduler,
and patch-int, and quite a few others. It isn't as outrageous as FOLK and
it uses
the GR (getrewted) patches rather than LIDS. However, as I say, it's a
nice base
for someone who wants to be a few steps off the mainstream.

> On Thu, Feb 28, 2002 at 06:52:25PM -0300, Marcelo Tosatti wrote:
> On Tue, 26 Feb 2002, Dennis, Jim wrote:
>> Marcelo,
>> Contratulations on your first "official" kernel release. It seems to
>> have gone
>> well (except for some complaints on slashdot about -rc4 SPARC patches
>> missing from
>> the patch, but apparently in the full tarball).
>> Now I need to know about the status of several unofficial patches:
>> XFS

> Want to see stable in -ac first.

>> LVM

> Its on 2.4 already.

>> i2c
>> Crypto

> I think its not possible to distribute crypto stuff in the stock kernel.

> Am I wrong?

>> rmap

> I need to see it running in production for more time.

>> Marcelo, there were some i2c updates included in the lmsensors package,
>> have they
>> submitted those to you for integration into 2.4.19?

> Nope. I could well integrate lm_sensors in the future.

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