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SubjectRe: swsusp list
> You have to have just one swap partition. Disable one of them.
Ok, I did that. Now I'm getting an error there's not enough swap space
(logical enough I think).

/critical section: Counting pages to copy[nosave] (pages needed
:18062+152=18574 free 14689)
Couldn't get enough free pages, on 3885 pages short.
Kernel panic: Not enough free pages

If both swap partitions is disallowed, and one swap partition isn't enough
space, is there anything I can do now to make this work? I'd really like to
get suspend working.
I know at one point 128MB was the limit on a swap partition. Is this limit
gone now?
How technically difficult is it to make swsusp work with multiple swap


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On Thu February 28, 2002 01h40, you wrote:
> Hi!
> > I've been trying to reach the swsusp mail list, but the webpage seems to
> > be down (I cannot access it).
> >
> >
> > Is this site/list active? Where should I send technical questions?
> Well, don't know, probably
> > In any case, here's my Q. I patched my 2.4.17 kernel with the 2.5.1 patch
> > available on the web site. There were only minor rejects that I fixed
> > manually. I compiled and installed the kernel. Then I tried a SysRq-d and
> > got the following output (this was recorded by hand, so it may not be
> > perfect, but it should be close).
> >
> > Stopping Processes
> > Waiting... ok
> > Freeing...
> > Syncing disks before copy
> > /critical section: Counting pages to copy[nosave]
> > (pages needed: 13251+512=13763 free:19500)
> > Alloc pagedir
> > [nosave] critical section/: done (13251 pages copied)
> > writing data to swap (13251 pages):... done
> > Writing pagedir (52 pages):...,header,signature<0>
> > Kernel panic: Need just one swapfile
> >
> > Pentium III 450 w/ 128 MB ram
> > 128 MB swap partition on each ide disk (256 MB total)
> You have to have just one swap partition. Disable one of them.
> Pavel
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