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SubjectRe: Various 802.1Q VLAN driver patches. [try2]
On Fri, Mar 01, 2002 at 03:51:00PM -0500, Jeff Garzik wrote:
> >
> > > 3) 3c59x needs real dev->change_mtu support. This patch provides the
> > > info needed to do that... but doesn't do that.
> > Intentionally, as this has nothing to do with VLAN support.
> It does, but not directly. The infrastructure for VLAN and changing MTU
> share common elements, so both should be merged at the same time.

OK, from the chip driving side, yes, but not from the network stack
side, as noted by Ben.

> This is ESPECIALLY key with 3c59x, because we are turning on support for
> large frames, not specifically VLAN. That is obviously the same
> operation as changing MTU to a larger, non-standard one, and so should
> not be treated as something vlan-specific.
> Thanks much for the patch, whoever the author(s) were though...

It was me actually ;-)

> it
> provides the necessary reference information to modify 3c59x for these
> things I describe, and also provide the framework for

When doing the 3c59x modifications, please note the comment above

| Note that this must be done after each RxReset due to some backwards
| compatibility logic in the Cyclone and Tornado ASICs */

The "backwards compatibility logic" mentioned there refers to that
Cyclone and Tornado cards will reset MaxPktSize to standard ethernet
or FDDI MTU (as determined by the allowLargePackets flag) on every

> Early next week, I will likely make a bombing run through several
> drivers, fixing up the large frame and MTU issues. That should be
> enough for software VLAN.


Andreas Ferber - dev/consulting GmbH - Bielefeld, FRG
+49 521 1365800 - -
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