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SubjectRe: Yet another disk transfer speed problem
Bharath Krishnan proclaimed:
> Hi,
> I would expect the disk which acts slower(maxtor) to be atleast as fast
> as the other one (ibm).

Could you provide fdisk -l for both? For some odd reason unknown to me
some filesystems give slower results with hdparm than others, even with
the buffer-cache reads (which are intended to measure memory speed, not
drive speed, and thus should be the same for all drives on a given
mainboard). Also, hdparm directly on the drive device is often a bit
slower than hdparm for the first (outermost) partition. These problems
have been far worse in older kernels, though. With 2.2 I once
benchmarked a vfat-partition at half the speed the same partition gave
as ext2.

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