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SubjectRe: [RFC] New locking primitive for 2.5
On Thu, 7 Feb 2002, Andrew Morton wrote:
> I dunno. The spin-a-bit-then-sleep lock has always struck me as
> i_dont_know_what_the_fuck_im_doing_lock(). Martin's approach puts
> the decision in the hands of the programmer, rather than saying
> "Oh gee I goofed" at runtime.

I completely agree, and I couldn't have put it better! Kernel
programmers really should know exactly why, what, where and for how long
they are holding a lock.

This is why, incidently, I don't like any of the so-called lockless
schemes, including the original unix kernel monitor lock (i.e. only one
kernel thread active at a time), because they encourage unmaintainable
code where the critical sections are invisible to everyone and are
easily broken when someone accidently inserts a blocking function into
one of the invisible critical sections.

Nigel Gamble
Mountain View, CA, USA.

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