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SubjectRe: driverfs support for motherboard devices

> > > I suspect PnPBIOS knows for the 486. There is PnPbios code in 2.4-ac
> > > perfectly ready for a 2.5 merger
> > PnPBIOS is nasty, and I suspect it is not present/working on all
> > models, right?
> For the most part it's fine, it just needs the floppy driver / ps2
> driver (and maybe some others) fixed up to not allocate regions
> that pnpbios already reserved. Other than these issues, it seems
> to be working well. It's certainly handled itself ok on all my
> test boxes (Even the weird compaq with the fscked up pnpbios --
> it claims to have pnpbios, yet when you call it, you get feature
> not supported return codes. cute.)

It is *BIOS*, and that makes me nervous.

Anyway, I guess that for old boxen, it is okay to just put ide onto
/driver/legacy/XXX (and for new boxen probably too, we do not want
special code calling PnPbios/PCI just to put drivers to the right
place in the tree, right?)
PS: I suspect that those southbridge-integrated IDE controllers are
not *really* on PCI... They certainly do not use PCI IRQ A..D.
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