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SubjectRe: ide cleanup
Date (Wichert Akkerman) writes:

> In article <>,
> Martin Dalecki <> wrote:
> >The _t at the end of type names is a POSIX habit of markup for system
> >defined types - this should *NOT* be used in user land programms but is OK for
> >the kernel.
> Why, I don't see that. Everyone should use whatever notation he/she
> feels most comfortable with.

Err, what?
Sure mindless programmers can call a function strnew() or strconcat()
if they "feel most comfortable" with that. But it's _wrong_, as that's
a reserved namespace of ISO C. Jut as *_t is a reserved namespace of

Opengroup seems really slow atm., but hopefully you'll believe one of...

# James Antill --
* ^From: .*james@and\.org
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