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SubjectRe: Problem with rmap-12c
Ok, I've tried rmap-12d and the swaping is better but still worse then
12a. One thing I should say is I'm also using Andrews low latency patch.

Is you want vm stats let me know.


On Thu, 2002-02-07 at 17:12, Rik van Riel wrote:
> On 7 Feb 2002, Louis Garcia wrote:
> > I tried rmap-12c and had lots of swap usage. I when back to 12a and
> > everything calmed down. Is their a known problem with 12c?
> Nope, but the RSS limit enforcing stuff is a possible
> suspect.
> It turns out I used a "struct pte_t" in over_rss_limit(),
> which turned into a compiler warning, for which I didn't
> spot the cause ;)
> A fix for the bug was sent by Roger Larsson, who spotted
> the fact that "pte_t" already has a "struct" inside it.
> Maybe page aging isn't working in rmap-12c because of this
> stupid mistake ... but it's a long shot. Maybe I should
> release rmap 12d tonight ? ;)
> regards,
> Rik
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> "Linux holds advantages over the single-vendor commercial OS"
> -- Microsoft's "Competing with Linux" document

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