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SubjectRe: [patch] larger kernel stack (8k->16k) per task (fwd)
Hi Balbir,

On Fri, 8 Feb 2002, Balbir Singh wrote:
> 2. I think you missed getuser.S in arch/i386/kernel/lib.
> All the __get_user_x should change to

no, I didn't miss them. If you read the patch again you will see them.

> 3. I verified that the instance of GET_CURRENT in hw-irq.h
> is not being used by anybody and can safely be removed.

yes, I also verified and came to the same conclusion but left the change
in the patch on purpose (so if anyone does start using it, it is already

> __get_user_1:
> movl %esp,%edx
> andl $~(THREAD_SIZE - 1),%edx
> cmpl addr_limit(%edx),%eax
> I have a patch that lets the user select any stack size
> from 8K to 64K, it can be configured. And yes, it works
> on my system.
> I do not have the /proc entry that u have though in
> my patch.
> Would you like to merge both the patches or would you
> like me to do it and send out a new version.
> The patch is attached along with this email. It
> is againt 2.4.17

The serious problem with your patch is that you missed quite a few places
(e.g. smpboot.c and traps.c). Most importantly, you missed the alignment
in so I guess your machine boots by pure luck :) In the early
stages (first hours of writing it) I missed that one too and was puzzled
by random panics on boot...

Actually, the patch I sent is only part of the "complete piece", the other
part being changes to kdb to work correctly with large stack. I can
separate those from kdb patch that I use and send out if there was enough


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