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Subject[Announcement] New Release of LTP testsuite available
The Linux Test project ltp-20020207 has been released.  For more
information about the Linux Test Project,
or to download the testsuite, see our website at
. This release contains enhancements
to support execution on the following additional architectures:

IBM z-Series mainframe
Intel IA-64

New test results, that include these new architectures, are published at Initial
support for an IPv6 network environment were also added to the testsuite.
Modifications were made to the
Makefiles to allow non-root and cross-compiler compilation, and numerous
bugfixes are implemented.

Change Log:
o added support for cross-compiling (Todd Inglett)
o added LKML's cache_leak testcase to ltp/scratch (Nate Straz)
o added IPv6 support (Robbie Williamson)
o added "gethost" to /tools (Robbie Williamson)
o fixed the race conditions in the float tests and removed
the sleeps (Robbie Williamson)
o enabled non-root make authority (Paul Larson)
o separated compilation into "make" and "make install" (Paul Larson)
o added ipc_stress test (Manoj Iyer)
o added pthreads_stress test (Manoj Iyer)
o made changes to support architecture independence (Manoj Iyer &
Paul Larson)
o closed the following bugs:
504960, 505108, 504613, 504616, 491283, 506689, 508055, 506692,
491289, 506662, 511383, 511391, 511427, 511494, 504649, 514050
(Manoj Iyer, Paul Larson, and Robbie Williamson)

- Robbie

Robert V. Williamson
Linux Test Project
IBM Linux Technology Center
Phone: (512) 838-9295 T/L: 638-9295

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