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SubjectRe: ide cleanup
Vojtech Pavlik wrote:

>On Fri, Feb 08, 2002 at 01:34:55PM +0100, Martin Dalecki wrote:
>>>IDE is
>>>* infested with polish notation
>>I don't see any polish notation there. Could you please explain what you
>>mean with this note?
>I think Pavel meant what I think is called "hungarian notation", adding
>_t's to type identifiers or adding _i or i_ to integer variables.
The encoding of type signatures in function names is indeed called
hungarian notation.
The _t at the end of type names is a POSIX habit of markup for system
defined types - this should *NOT*
be used in user land programms but is OK for the kernel. However for the
ide drivers it's indeed unnecessary
code noise.

Polish notation is the anglo-saxon term for a mathematical expression
syntax which is avoiding
parents by not using an "in between" operator notation but using
functional notation instead.
It was invented by ?ukasiewich at the beginning of the last century for
formal logic and is indeed more
convenient there if you start to deal with long expressions.... Just to
clarify the terms OK?

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