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SubjectRe: [reiserfs-dev] Kernel(>2.4.16) BUG with reiserfs.

On Thu, Feb 07, 2002 at 10:20:45AM +0100, peter wrote:
> > > With all kernels newer than 2.4.16 (eg. that's that last that works for
> > > me), I get a kernel BUG when remounting my rootfs (which is a reiserfs)
> > > for rw access. After the init scripts complete I can log into my machine
> > > but anything calling sync will freeze it hard.
> > Thanks a lot for your report. We were waiting for somebody to get fs in this
> > state (because we cannot reproduce problem locally).
> > How big your root partition is?
> 35 GB ;-)
Yes, that's somewhat big for the mail.

> > > anybody any ideas?
> > Can you please send us image of your root partition, if it is not big,
> > or at least the metadata snapshot.
> > (you can get metadata snapshot by running
> > debugreiserfs -p /dev/xxx |gzip -c >metadata.gz)
> > You need to make this with filesystem unmounted.
> I'll go hunting for a bootable cd that contains debugreiserfs.
> Where would you like me to send that metadata dump to?
Send it to me.

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