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SubjectRe: How to check the kernel compile options ?
Alan Cox <> said:
> "Christoph Rohland" at Feb 06, 2002 11:36:56 AM said:
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> > > If you are going to cat it onto the end of the kernel image just
> > > mark it __initdata and shove a known symbol name on it. It'll get
> > > dumped out of memory and you can find it trivially by using tools on
> > > the binary
> >
> > What about putting such info into a (swappable) tmpfs file with
> > shmem_file_setup?
> That is indeed an extremely cunning plan. Paticularly as /proc/config can
> be a symlink to it

Right. If I take my .config, get just non-"n" entries, get rid of the
CONFIG_ at each line, then gzip(1) the result, I get 1515 _bytes_. Less
than the rounding error in a module, can be expanded on the fly with
existing infrastructure.

Sure, it makes sense to have .config around somehow for some rather
specialized cases, but kludgeing on some such functionality for a very
niche use just stinks, IMHO.
Horst von Brand # 22616
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