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SubjectRe: Total lockups using ext3
On 01 Feb 2002, Andrew Morton wrote:
> "Stephen C. Tweedie" wrote:
> >
> > The fact that it always happens when the modem is on also suggests that
> > this is not a filesystem problem.
> mm.. There are known scheduling-inside-spinlock bugs in the PPP
> driver. Paul is working on these at present. This will cause
> deadlocks on SMP. Anthony seems to be running uniprocessor, but
> bad things could still happen.
> It'd be interesting to enable the local-apic-on-uniprocessor
> and io-apic-on-uniprocessor options, then boot with the
> `nmi_watchdog=1' LILO option, see if you can get an NMI oops
> backtrace.

I discovered recently that, at least in 2.4.17, I had included SMP in
the configuration by mistake (in fact, I think it happens by default).
Eliminating it seems to have solved the lockups, or at least made them
much less frequent.

Please cc any replies to me as I'm not on the list at present.


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