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SubjectRe: 512 Mb DIMM not detected by the BIOS!
"Daniel J Blueman" <> writes:

> Hey Benny,
> This is a chipset problem. Chipsets support up to x CAS (column) lines
> and y RAS (row) lines, and depending on your DIMM memory module layout
> and configuration, you 512MB DIMM will be detected as a different sized
> module.
> Eg. The venerable Intel 440BX (PII) chipset supports a max of 256MB per
> slot. Ah well.
> Since it's a chipset (ie hardware) issue, it's not possible to work
> around this problem - you need a newer chipset. Sorry.

Additionally memory is generally and practically a setup once thing in
every chipset I have looked at. Even if the chipsets supports it
would be very difficult ``fix'' this afterwards.

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