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SubjectRe: [reiserfs-dev] oops with reiserfs and kernel 2.5.4-pre1 on sparc64

On Wed, Feb 06, 2002 at 06:53:47PM +0100, Luigi Genoni wrote:

> I was trying 2.5.4-pre1 on sparc64 sun4u ultra2,
> with 1GB memory and scsi controller ess.
> This system has just one CPU.
> >>TPC; 0046cf7c <grow_buffers+5c/e0> <=====
> >>O7; 0046cf38 <grow_buffers+18/e0>
> >>I7; 0046b260 <__getblk+20/60>
> Trace; 0046b260 <__getblk+20/60>
> Trace; 0046b56c <__bread+c/a0>
> Trace; 004d1374 <journal_init+214/8e0>
This looks like VFS have exploded for whatever reson, I think
because one ot these checks failed:
if (size & (get_hardsect_size(to_kdev_t(bdev->bd_dev))-1))
/* Size must be within 512 bytes and PAGE_SIZE */
if (size < 512 || size > PAGE_SIZE)

Can any of sparc64 people comment on what kind of exception will one
get for __builtin_trap?
Second BUG() seems to be out of the question, though.
Do you have CONFIG_DEBUG_BUGVERBOSE enabled?

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