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    SubjectRe: Alpha update for 2.5.3
    First comment, the below is what Ingo suggested for
    sched_find_first_zero_bit. Note that this version is -before- the bit
    array changed from [I believe] 140 to 100 bits.

    Second comment, some of the bits in your patch are in 2.5.3-pre3. [but
    drivers/ide/ide-dma.c does not compile for me, unrelated to alpha...]

    > static inline int sched_find_first_zero_bit(unsigned long *b)
    > {
    > unsigned long rt;
    > rt = b[0] & b[1];
    > if (unlikely(rt != -1UL))
    > return find_first_zero_bit(b, MAX_RT_PRIO);
    > return ffz(b[2]) + MAX_RT_PRIO;
    > }

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    Building 1024 | through an internally-buttered weasel."
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