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SubjectMouse under 2.5.3-dj3
To follow up on my previous postings of a long while ago.

I have a very boring trackpad mouse on a Sony VAIO R505JE laptop. At
least, 2.4.18-pre7 thinks it's normal PS/2 and uninteresting. 2.5.3-dj*
on the other hand, seems to be horribly confused. I rebuilt it with
everything mouse related as modules just so I didn't have to reboot when
it misdetected my mouse.

First, I modprobe mousedev, then psmouse.
Mousedev always is cool and loads without a problem, printing out its
"PS/2 mouse device common for all mice" message.

~90% of the time, psmouse does not detect a mouse. Doesn't work, obviously.
~5% of the time, psmouse reports I have a "PS/2 Generic Mouse on
At such times, the mouse works, but a complete cross on the trackpad
is ~100 pixels at best.
~1% of the time, psmouse blurts "Failed to enable mouse on
isa0060/serio1" Here the mouse does not work.
~4% of the time, psmouse prints "PS/2 Logitech Mouse on isa0060/serio1"
This is the correct mode of behavior.

As it is I run "modprobe mousedev; while < /dev/zero; do modprobe
psmouse; echo -n "a"; sleep 1; done" and wait for the Logitech message
to give the loop a Ctrl-C. There has to be a better way, and more
information I can provide.

FYI, keyboard glitches *seem* to have disappeared.


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