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SubjectRE: SIS900 driver unresolved dependency crc32_be in 2.5.3
> /lib/modules/2.5.3-xfs-k7/kernel/drivers/net/sis900.o: 
> unresolved symbol crc32_be

Ahh, yes. I see it now.


The makefile rules took the most stringent of =m and =y and made it =y.
But, nothing CONFIG_XXX=y in vmlinux needs the crc32 functions, so the
linker threw the code away.

Partial solution: CONFIG_CRC32=m

Is there a better way to handle this type of situation? Personally, I like
leaving CONFIG_CRC32=m set always (assuming you've got modules), and let the
makefile rules set it to =y if something else =y needs it.


Matt Domsch
Sr. Software Engineer
Dell Linux Solutions
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#2 Worldwide Linux Server provider with 18.2% (IDC Dec 2001)
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