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    SubjectRe: linux-2.5.4-pre1 - bitkeeper testing
    On Tue, Feb 05, 2002 at 11:33:34PM -0800, Jeramy B. Smith wrote:
    > Firstly, IANAFSN (I am not a Free Software Nazi) but there is this
    > new GPL decentralized version control program called arch that is small
    > and fits in well with the Unix way of using other small utils.

    Tom, I cc'd you on this,

    Yes it's very interesting and has several good ideas behind it, but it's
    not ready yet.

    $ du /opt/arch-1.0pre3
    12100 /opt/arch-1.0pre3/bin
    788 /opt/arch-1.0pre3/include
    2588 /opt/arch-1.0pre3/lib
    1640 /opt/arch-1.0pre3/libexec
    17120 /opt/arch-1.0pre3

    Hmm, I wouldn't call over 17MB small. It also has several name conflicts
    with existing binaries, amongst others /bin/arch and /bin/readlink. This
    breaks a lot when arch's binary directory is not first in the PATH
    environment variable.

    Then it has these {arch} names all over the place, about as bad as CVS
    and SCCS, but it breaks tab-completion with GNU bash/readline too,
    wouldn't .arch (or .{arch}) be a less invasive naming scheme? It's
    changesets are definitely not close to being 'patch' compatible.

    > When you get weird Bk errors because Larry changes the Open Logging stuff
    > for the umpteenth time which forces you to upgrade to keep using Bk,
    > just remember we told you so.

    Have you tried to work your way through the arch sources yet? Just
    trying to figure out where 'sb' is compiled, what it does and where it
    is used took me a very long time.

    Most of arch's helper libraries/programs (hackerlab/xxx-utils) already
    have in my opinion perfectly reasonable existing solutions, i.e. there
    is something called the POSIX standard, ftp/http file access by using
    wget/curl/ncftpget. And why it needs to have it's own ftp-server built
    in (which is what it looks like), I have no clue about that one.


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