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SubjectRe: status on northbridge disconnection apm saving?
On Thu, 7 Feb 2002, Rasmus Bøg Hansen wrote:

> I now fiddled a little with the PCI settings in the BIOS...
> When 'PCI master read cahing' is enabled everything works fine (sound
> works, cooling works. When disabled I get sound skips. The above flags
> are exactly the same:
> Athlon/Duron CLK_Ctrl Value found : fff0d22f
> Athlon/Duron CLK_Ctrl Value set to : fff0d22f
> Enabling disconnect in VIA northbridge: KT133/KX133 chipset found
> As I think i noted earlier, my motherboard is KT133A-based.
> My system functions perfectly stable with the 'PCI master read caching'
> enabled - I have no idea whether this is true in general.

hey ... that are great news ... i think i have also something like this in
the bios and i will test it when i am at home... maybe i get the problems
to, when i deactivate this option ... that would give me the possibility
to test this error at my own ...
thanks for testing and for this hint :)


# Daniel Nofftz
# Sysadmin CIP-Pool Informatik
# University of Trier(Germany), Room V 103
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