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SubjectRe: 2.4.18-pre8 - Good news and bad news...
On February 6, 2002 05:40 am, Michael H. Warfield wrote:
> After seeing a post from Alan Cox about 2.4.18-pre7, I compiled
> that up and started the gateway on it. After it ran for a day (which
> previous versions had NOT done) I left it to run for the week I was
> in New York for LinuxWorld Expo. OK, So I'm a DAMN IDIOT who likes to
> live dangerously. My SO knew how to reboot the gateway in case it went
> tits up, which it did almost a week later. It was set up to reboot to
> a safe kernel (2.2.20) till I could get back and autopsy the corpse.
> No problem... :-)
> The good news... The 5a5a5a5a Oops seems to be gone. The Oops
> in 2.4.18-pre7 was different and took a LOT longer to blow. I didn't
> try to reproduce it, since 2.4.18-pre8 was out.

and the post from Alan was?

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