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SubjectRe: want opinions on possible glitch in 2.4 network error reporting

Alan Cox wrote:

>>>That is correct UDP behaviour
>>This is totally untrue, unless the socket doing non-blocking I/O -- and
>>even then you get -1 and EAGAIN from sendto.
> Not the case.

Are you claiming that you will never see -1 and EAGAIN on a nonblocking
UDP socket with sendto? If so, I'll bet you a kernel patch that you are not
correct (I get to write the patch and you include it :) )

>>there is no way to "lose" that data before it hits the wire, unless of
>>course the network driver is broken and doesn't plug the upper layers when
>>its TX queue is full.
> UDP is not flow controlled.

If it makes it through sendto, where can it be dropped before it
hits the wire? I doubt the socket buffers are anthing other than FIFO,
and the same goes for the ethernet/device queue. Since we (can) know
at sendto whether or not the PDU was enqueued for transmit, it seems
trivial to notify user space of success/failure of the local network
stack, and I believe this is what is done.

Now granted, it can be dropped anywhere outside of the machine, but
I can see no good reason to drop it inside the machine.

Ben Greear <> <Ben_Greear AT>
President of Candela Technologies Inc

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