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SubjectToshiba CD-RW/DVD doesn't work after Suspend/Resume
Hi all,

I have been struggling trying to get my Dell C810 to suspend/resume
properly with APM. I have almost everything working except for one very
annoying problem that I'm hoping someone might help me with.

The machine has a built-in Toshiba CD-RW/DVD drive and after a
suspend/resume cycle the first access to the drive will lock the machine
solid. The hard disk access light stays on solid and I can't get
anything to respond. I don't get an oops, I get no response from sysrq,
my only options is to power down.

I originally thought this problem may be caused by the use of the
ide-scsi module so I disabled that, however the problem remains. An
interesting note, if I build support for the cdrom as a module, and
unload the module before suspending, I can then reload the module after
a resume and everything seems fine.

I've tried many various kernels from the Redhat supplied 2.4.7 and 2.4.9
series through many iterations of 2.4.16-18 pre, ac, aa, etc and I can
reproduce this problem 100% of the time on all of them. I've never seen
this on my other laptops so I'm somewhat suspicious of a BIOS bug,
however, I'm not sure why unloading and reloading the driver would make
a difference here.

I'm looking for any sugestions or similar experiences. Thanks in
advanced for any help on this issue.


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