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SubjectRe: How to check the kernel compile options ?

> What is even harder to find out given a binary kernel is which patches (if
> any) have been applied to it. What if there was one file (say,
> /usr/src/linux/patches) to which each (well-behaved) patch would append a
> line or two (patch name, version, author, url), and then you could later
> extract that information the same way you extract .config?

I second that. It would be great to have a way of knowing what's different
from vanillia kernel. though:

* we can't expect each patch to do the 'magic thing'. But at least, those
big patches lying around could follow this kind of rule. I don't care about
typos patches, but It would be great to know that (for ex.) the rmap patch is
there or not.

* having /usr/src/linux/patches is not practical : it will be a big mess wrt
to conflict

The reason why I have not proposed something already is that I have no clue
how to achieve this purpose. But I still would like to have a way to know
which big patches have been in my kernel.

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