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SubjectHello Sir

I am a M.Sc(Computer Science ) student.Presently I am doing a project
of "Development of MPLS Based Router".
I am working on Cyrix MediaGXtm MMXtm MMX-S at 233MHz CPU with 128MB RAM on RedHat Linux7.1 on
Kernel-2.4.2-2. While installing Linux , the system is taken PentiumIII as Processor Type.but after adding the patch and made necessary changes given by the patch and compilation , the system didn't boot and gave the error like
Kernel panic:the system is compiled for pentium+

then i changed the processor type to 586.then it booted properly.

I am using mpls-linux-0.990 for mplsadm utility.Now I enabled
all the 3 systems with mplsadm by adding the patch and compiling the
kernel and make mplsadm.

Before using the mplsadm , 3 systems r pinging each other
and i was able to make FTP and telnet with all possible combination also.after I use mplsadm commands as given in example of mpls-linux-0.990 for 2 machines
, they r pinging each other.but when i give FTP or telnet to
remote system , the system in which i gave the ftp or telnet will
display the error like below and will hang.

[ 2 0r 3 lines r passed in previous i am not able to give it to u.]

eax:0000001c ebx:07d58da0 ecx:00000001 edx:c0322cc4
esi:c7d58dc8 edi:c12b095c ebp:c0301dda esp:c5221b20

ds:0018 es :0018 ss:0018

Process syslogd (pid:498,stackpage=c5221000)

stack: c02f20cb co2f2340 0000006e c0278ff2 c1291960 0000000e c0278fea ffffffea

c011586e 00000286 00000001 c0388d56 00000002 c479c360 c12915f0 c0301d19

c02791f8 c1291960 c5c1f9e0 c479c360 c5c1f9e0 c12aad30 c12b0060 00000046

Call Trace : [<c02f20cb>] co2f2340 c0278ff2 co278fea c011586e c0301d19 c02791f8

c024fff6 c01c0f62 c0119715 c0261912 c025d14b co23afc6 co25f5co co25c08f

xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx

xxx xxx xxxxx xxx

Code : 0f 0b 83 c4 0c c3 a1 4c 12 39 c0 56 03 05 48 12 39 c0 53 85

Kernel panic:Aiee,killing interrupt handler!
In interrupt handler-not syncing.


I tried with all possible combinations of 3 systems with 2 systems at a time.all the times i am getting the same error.but those numbers will change in different trials.

I tried for 5 or 6 times.I am getting the same problem.
So what may be the reason.Please do suggest some solutions for this.I
am waiting for solution.because without this I cant procced further.

SO help me .

With Regards,

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