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SubjectKernel compile problem after reboot
I am using Slack 8 with 2.2.19 and trying to install 2.4.17.  The whole
compile process goes as planned until I reboot. After reconfiguring
lilo.conf and running lilo to update changes, I reboot and when I select the
new kernel all I get is

Loading Linux........................

Then my computer reboots and this continues to do the same until I select
the old kernel and it reboots fine.
Did I do something wrong in lilo? I merely made a duplicate entry with a
different image= and label= entry:

image = /boot/vzlinuz-2.4.17
root = /dev/hda5
label = Linux_2.4.17

I perform the standard:
make mrproper
make menuconfig
make dep && make bzImage && make modules &&
make modules_install
cp to /boot
cp bzImage to /boot
edit lilo.conf
run lilo
swear at the computer.

The compile is clean from what I can see - no error messages.
The menuconfig part is all defaults (just trying to get it to reboot at this

Any advice would be better than what i've got and would be much appreciated.


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