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SubjectRe: [PATCH 2.5.3] Changes to signal to better support thread groups

Oh, btw - another thing:
when you re-send with a non-broken mailer, could you please also change
all the duplication of the

+ /*
+ * If this task is in a thread group, make sure
+ * this signal kills all tasks in the group.
+ */
+ if (info.si_code != SI_TKILL) {
+ struct task_struct *task;
+ for_each_thread(task) {
+ force_sig_info(signr, &info, task);
+ }
+ }

to use some common routine instead of being duplicated for each
architecture. It should be easy enough to do all of this in a

do_signal_exit(signr, &info, exit_code);

and not have the same logic duplicated N times.


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