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Subject[PATCH] reiserfs patchset, patch 2 of 9 02-prealloc_list_init.diff

This set of patches of which this is one will update ReiserFS in 2.5.3
with latest bugfixes. Also it cleanups the code a bit and adds more helpful
messages in some places.

prealloc list was forgotten to be initialised.

The other patches in this set are:

This is to fix certain cases where items may get its keys to be interpreted
wrong, or to be inserted into the tree in wrong order. This bug was only
observed live on 2.5.3, though it is present in 2.4, too.

prealloc list was forgotten to be initialised.

Fix all the places where cpu key is attempted to be printed as ondisk key

This is to fix a case where stale NFS handles are correctly detected as
stale, but inodes assotiated with them are still valid and present in cache, hence there is no way to deal with files, these handles are attached to.
Bug was found and explained by
Anne Milicia <>

Convert erroneous le64_to_cpu to cpu_to_le64

Kill stupid code like 'goto label ; return 1;'

Do not print scary warnings in out of free space situations.

Give a proper explanation if unfinished reiserfsck --rebuild-tree
run on a fs was detected.

Bitopts arguments must be long, not int.

--- linux-2.5.3/fs/reiserfs/inode.c.orig Thu Jan 31 19:28:57 2002
+++ linux-2.5.3/fs/reiserfs/inode.c Thu Jan 31 19:31:01 2002
@@ -888,6 +888,8 @@
copy_key (INODE_PKEY (inode), &(ih->ih_key));
inode->i_blksize = PAGE_SIZE;

+ INIT_LIST_HEAD(&(REISERFS_I(inode)->i_prealloc_list ));
if (stat_data_v1 (ih)) {
struct stat_data_v1 * sd = (struct stat_data_v1 *)B_I_PITEM (bh, ih);
unsigned long blocks;
@@ -1532,6 +1534,7 @@
REISERFS_I(inode)->i_first_direct_byte = S_ISLNK(mode) ? 1 :

+ INIT_LIST_HEAD(&(REISERFS_I(inode)->i_prealloc_list ));
REISERFS_I(inode)->i_flags = 0;
REISERFS_I(inode)->i_prealloc_block = 0;
REISERFS_I(inode)->i_prealloc_count = 0;
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