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    SubjectTulip Driver hangs system in vanilla 2.4.17
    I have recently run into a problem with the tulip driver on my laptop.

    It loads fine at first, and I can get connected to a network, etc. When
    I reboot the machine, it hangs when it tries to load the tulip module.
    This only happens with a warm reboot, not a cold boot. It is quite
    repeatable. If I power off completely, there is no problem. If I
    comment the tulip driver out of my startup scripts, there is no problem.
    If I reboot, it hangs.

    This does not happen with the 2.4.5 kernel, only the 2.4.17. These are
    the only 2 I have tried.

    I have found that if I bring down my ethernet interface and unload the
    tulip module before the warm reboot, the system will not lock when it
    comes back up, so I have added the neccessary commands to my shutdown
    scripts. However, it seems to me like a kernel bug that should probably
    be fixed.

    My specific hardware/software config is:

    HP Pavillion XH555 laptop with:
    1 Ghz Athlon 4
    512 MB RAM
    ESS sound/modem (sound using Maestro3 driver)
    Accton ethernet (using tulip driver)

    Slackware 8.0, kernel 2.4.17
    using ACPI, tulip, maestro3, ext3, framebuffer, etc.

    If there's any more info that would help, please let me know.


    PS This is the second time I've posted this, so sorry for the
    repetition. It went seemingly unnoticed the first time, and I have not
    heard anything else about this apparent bug. Speaking of which, is
    there a place to get a changelog for just certain parts of the kernel?
    (ie a specific driver).

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