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SubjectRe: [PATCH] improving O(1)-J9 in heavily threaded situations

On Mon, 4 Feb 2002, Jussi Laako wrote:

> My application uses three tier architecture where is low HAL layer
> reading audio from soundcard which is compressed and sent (TCP) to
> distributor process which decompresses the audio and distributes
> (UNIX/LOCAL) it to clients. Distributor's clients are the CPU hogs
> doing various processing tasks to the signal and then sending (TCP)
> the results to the very thin user interface.

Please renice your CPU hog soundcard processes to -11, does that make any
difference? (under -K2)

> HAL and distributor are running as SCHED_FIFO, but CPU hog processing
> tasks are dynamically fork()/exec()'d and run on default priority (not
> as root). So I should nice user interfaces to 15+?

is it more important to run these CPU hogs than to run interactive tasks?
If yes then renice them to -11.


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