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SubjectRe: 2.4.17 NFS hangup

On Sun, Feb 03, Trond Myklebust wrote:

> Nothing abnormal there or in your file. However, when you start
> getting 'server not responding' messages, and no tcpdump output it's
> usually a sign that the networking layer has given up on you. Any
> strange output from 'netstat -s'?

Output is here:

I think `1710 reassemblies required' may be strange after boot...
How can I figure out what causes this?

> It would be useful to know what networking card/driver combination you
> are using? Any firewalls/netfilter setups? Any special mount options?

eth0: PCnet/PCI II 79C970A at 0x1020, 08 00 5a f8 82 e7
pcnet32: pcnet32_private lp=c0591000 lp_dma_addr=0x80591000 assigned IRQ 15.
pcnet32.c:v1.25kf 17.11.2001

(this card is an integrated AMD pcnet32 in a 43P-140)

There are no firewalls or packet filters. I didn't specify any
special mount options for nfs:

partvis:~$ cat /proc/mounts
/dev/root / nfs rw,v2,rsize=4096,wsize=4096,hard,udp,nolock,addr= 0 0
proc /proc proc rw 0 0

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