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SubjectRe: SMP Pentium III, GA-6VXDC7 MoBo. -- 2.4.18-pre7 SMP not working
>> I have a home-built dual Pentium III computer which does not seem to
>> want to run recent SMP kernels. The computer is built on a Gigabyte
>> GA-6VXDC7 motherboard, which is in turn based on a VIA Apollo Pro chip-set.
>> It is an exclusively SCSI system -- I do not compile any IDE drivers
>> into my kernel.
>> Kernel 2.4.12 works fine when compiled with SMP on. However, anything
>> newer fails to load when compiled with SMP support. In the failing cases,
>> lilo prints its uncompressing kernel and booting kernel messages followed
>> by a system hang -- the kernel never prints anything.
>> Vanilla CONFIG_SMP=y # CONFIG_SMP is not set
>> Version SMP Status UP Status
>> ======================================================
>> 2.4.10 SMP works Fine
>> 2.4.11 Wouldn't touch Wouldn't touch
>> 2.4.12 SMP Works Fine
>> 2.4.13 SMP does not boot Fine
>> 2.4.14 Did not try Did not try
>> 2.4.15 Did not try Did not try
>> 2.4.16 SMP does not boot Fine
>> 2.4.17 SMP does not boot Fine
>> 2.4.18-pre7 SMP does not boot Fine
>> Since the kernel does not even peep an oops message, I'm not sure where
>> to start debugging. Is anyone else having similar problems?

> I'm having a lot of trouble debugging this one.
> [...]

Apparently there is some type of conflict introduced in 2.4.13's APM code.
I finally got 2.4.17 to boot with SMP enabled after I disabled APM.
Though APM is not SMP safe, I have been using successfully it for its
power-off feature.

I will look closer at the 2.4.13 APM changes to try and determine what
broke my SMP.



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