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SubjectRe: fixup descriptions in pci-pc.c

Good idea. I frankly hate that message as its vague and stupid. Heh. I
actually wrote it... but I did it as a patch to an older message and I
didn't want to really change the poetic essence of the function I

Feel free to patch this yourself. I am a bit afraid to bug alan and linus
and marcello with such a small change :)


On Sun, 3
Feb 2002, Oliver Feiler wrote:

> Ok, this is just a cosmetic thing, but I see that in 2.5.3 the printk
> text in pci_fixup_via_northbridge_bug in pci-pc.c was changed
> - printk("Trying to stomp on VIA Northbridge bug...\n");
> + printk("Disabling broken memory write queue.\n");
> Can't we change this to some meaningful output in 2.4.18 as well? It's
> still the old text with pre7.
> Bye
> Oliver

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