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Subject[ANNOUNCE] Kernel patch set 2.4.18-jp6

Kernel patch set jp6 of the Linux kernel 2.4.18

Jörg Prante <>

What is it?

The -jp kernels are development kernels and for testing purpose only. They
will appear regularly two or three times a month. Their purpose is to provide
a service for developers who can't keep up to date with the latest kernel and
patch versions, but want to test new features and evaluate enhancements that
are not to be expected for inclusion into the mainstream 2.4 kernel.

You are missing a patch? Patches will be added by request.

I use the-jp kernel on my Dell Inspiron to get more experience on kernel
hacking. It's a 2.4 patch set because I want to keep my data.


The -jp6 patch set contains

rmap 12f
a sophisticated reverse mapping VM
Rik van Riel

sched O(1) K3
a fast task scheduler
Ingo Molnar

full preempting kernel tasks for low latency
Robert Love

IDE enhancements
Andre Hedrick

international cryptographic API patch
Herbert Valerio Riedel

freeswan 1.95
free IPsec implementation
John Gilmore

freeswan x.509 patch
Andreas Steffen

grsec 1.9.4
great security patch
Brad Spengler

XFS (CVS 27 Feb 2002)
high-performance file system
Stephen Lord

kdb 2.1
SGI kernel debugger
Keith Owens

JFS 1.0.15
IBM journal file system
Steve Best

Dell Boot
Boot time ioremap and early dmi scan
Mikael Pettersson

new ioctl to return the console mapping
Kurt Garloff

loop crypto device/twofish
from older version of the international crypto patch

Software RAID enhancements
patch set to manage multiple RAID devices (span chunks, MD partitioning)
Neil Brown

i2c 2.6.2
Hardware monitoring
Alexander Larsson

lm_sensors 2.6.2
Hardware monitoring
Alexander Larsson

Credits go to all the people who created the patches, working hard on
improving the quality.


* untar the 2.4.18 kernel sources from to /usr/src/linux
* untar the patch set in your favorite directory
* cd into this directory and apply the patch set with the 'addpatches' script
* compile and install the kernel

Feel free to send me a feedback. Please CC, I am not subscribed to lkml.


Jörg Prante <>
Software Developer
Bonn, Germany
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