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SubjectRe: 2.2.18/swsusp bugs

> PM> flush_tlb_global() is not called, so vmalloc-ed areas might be wrong.
> PM> [reloading cr3 is not enough on machines with GLOBAL bit in cr4].
> >> My PC has a Pentium. I'll have to fetch th Intel manuals to know what's
> >> at stake here, sorry.
> PM> Basically Pentium+ do not do tlb flush on cr3 reload. You mostly need to
> PM> do __flush_tlb_global() after each cr3 reload to make sure it really
> PM> does that. This lead to random memory corruption after *many* cycles for
> PM> me.
> Alright, read the docs and indeed Pentium (I) does not have the PGE bit (does
> not support common TLB entries). Probably the Pentium MMX does support that.
> Anyway, from the docs:
> "* When writing to control register CR3, all non-global TLB entries are flushed "
> - But the global entries don't need to be flushed, they're global exactly for
> that, right? Not right?...

Well, global entries are for things common to all processes, like
vmalloced area. But you are just booting different kernel, which has
different vmalloced areas.

> PM> software_resume is called after mounting root. mount_root() will do
> PM> journal replay and kernel will find disk in other state than it
> PM> expected. Bad.
> >> No that bad, in fact. The worst that can happen is the replay being done
> >> twice. In a correct implementation, that is. There is always the chance
> >> of bugs in the journal implementation...
> PM> So what happens is * kernel works, prepares some work into the journal *
> PM> suspend/resume cycle, work in journal is actually done * kernel might be
> PM> pretty confused here, as its disk state changed below it...
> The kernel isn't confused, is just unaware that it just writes again the state
> that's in fact (well, supposedly) already on disk.

I'm not sure this is safe.

> >> But the resume process might be started just as in the recent versions, I
> >> guess.
> PM> ???
> I mean, the "resume=/dev/bla" thing.

Okay, I wanted to make sure noone uses old swapon method.

> PM> It does not do anything with ide driver, which might lead to data
> PM> corruption. Imagine DMA going on during resume.
> >> Not likely, since all processes (user and kernel) are supposed to be
> >> stopped by (seconds before) suspend time. The only DMA activity at
> >> suspend time is by kswapd/kflushd (forgot the name in 2.2) -- to write
> >> the pages to the swap partition.
> PM> Well, "not likely" is right. I wanted to make sure it is "not possible".
> That can probably be done by going over all disk drivers and understanding how
> they guarantee all (DMA) transactions are over.

Yep. That's what I'm going to do.

> >> At resume, only init and kswapd/whatever are runnable. But the swapon
> >> that triggers resume must be called as soon as possible, of course, to
> >> reduce the chance of having other processes started BEFORE resume and
> >> screwing up disk state. Or starting DMA activities that might collide
> >> w/resume!
> PM> Yep, exactly. And you can't easilly tell *when* it is "soon enough" to
> PM> start swapon. So I killed resume-on-swapon as dangerous by design.
> Alright, but provided that trying to resume from a non-suspend swap doesn't
> crash anything...

Do you stop all user processes before doing resume, for example?

> PM> BTW usb (uhci) controllers do DMA, even if idle. Do you have uhci
> PM> controller in your system? Network cards also do it.
> Those examples are good. To prove that they don't affect the suspend/resume
> process: ;-)
> - They do interrupt and start asynchronous memory transactions.
> - But, they only affect their own buffers (well, with zero-copy net drivers,
> it may be more complicated than that...)

But that might be problem at resume. Imagine uhci has buffers at
0x12345678, but in image being resumed, /bin/bash is at
0x12345678. Then you have a problem.

> How about disabling interrupts except for the swap disk driver? Just a
> thought...

You don't easily know which one is it.
[swsusp list no longer works, doing cc to l-k.]
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