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Subject[BETA-0.91] New test release of Tigon3 driver

Thanks to everyone who has tested and gotten back to us so
far. A new release is up at:

Older releases will be stored in the "old/" subdirectory.
As before, this is against 2.4.18 but it should be easy to add
this to any other tree.

Brief changelog against 0.91:

[BUG FIX} 5701 and later chips not configured properly for
interrupt handling (me)
[BUG FIX] Try to rectify vital product data read failures
on Dell Vipor boards (me)
[FEATURE] Finish initial implementation of the rest of the ethtool
support. Largely untested. (me+jeff)
[FIX] Add missing PCI/subsystem IDs (jeff)
[FIX] Add missing defines for registers we do not make use
of yet on the card. (me)
[FIX] Add missing IDs and recognition of 5703 boards and PHYs.
[FIX] PCI-X bus speeds not reported properly.

Success/failure reports are appreciated. I would like to note
that the most important thing to tell us is the one line ident
the kernel log gets for each board it probes. Like so:

eth1: Tigon3 [partno(BCM95700A6) rev 7102 PHY(5401)] (PCI:33MHz:64-bit) 10/100/1000BaseT Ethernet 00:04:76:2f:e2:d0

That has all the details we need to see in order to know exactly
what kind of card you have. The lspci dumps are nice, but basically
superfluous :-) Telling us what platform (x86, ppc, alpha, ia64,
etc.) you are on would be appreciated as well.

Thanks again.
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