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SubjectRe: select() call corrupts stack
Artiom Morozov <> writes:

|> Hello,
|> Here's a sample program. Try running it and open about 2k of
|> connections to port 5222 (you'll need ulimit -n 10000 or like
|> that). It will segfault. Simple asm like this
|> __asm__(
|> "pushl %eax \n\t" "movl 0(%ebp), %eax \n\t"
|> "cmp $65535, %eax \n\t"
|> "ja isok \n\t"
|> "xor %eax, %eax \n\t"
|> "movl %eax, 0(%eax) \n\t" "isok: \n\t"
|> "popl %eax \n\t"
|> );
|> after each subroutine call will show you that after select() [ebp] have
|> weird value. While this is unlikely to be a security flaw, i think this is
|> a bug.
|> ps: it's okay for 1k of connections or so

/* Number of descriptors that can fit in an `fd_set'. */
#define __FD_SETSIZE 1024

Use poll(3) instead.


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