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SubjectRE: crypto (was Re: Congrats Marcelo,)

> * Dennis, Jim ( wrote:
> <snip>
>> As for LIDS, grsecurity, etc: I suspect it will be a cold day in hell
>> before Linus includes any of those into the mainstream. I think it is
>> sufficient that he's willing to accommodate the LSM (security module)
>> to provide a common interface to all of the competing kernel hardening
>> packages.
> <snip>

> You may interested to know, LIDS has been ported to LSM, which is kept
> up-to-date for stable 2.4 releases, and (for those with bitkeeper) all
> 2.5-pres/stable.

> cheers,
> -chris

Yes, I had read that. Do you know of any effort to consolidate the
crypto libs in LIDS, patch-int, and FreeS/WAN KLIPS? I'd like to think
that they can be maintained more efficiently and result in lower overhead
and integration effort if the core crypto algorithms are consolidated
among those three.

(I remember someone found three? or four? different implementations of the
same checksum code in the mainstream kernel a couple of years ago; I hope
that's been fixed long since).

(Any flames about my armchair coaching and pointed suggestions that I
get in there and help with this are welcome --- off the list! I won't take
offense, I just don't want to burden everyone else's mailbox with that).

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