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SubjectRe: Whither XFS? (was: Congrats Marcelo)
On Sun, 2002-02-24 at 18:28, Daniel Phillips wrote:
> >
> > o Posix ACL support
> Are you able to leverage the new EA interface? (Which I still don't like
> because of the namespace syntax embedded in the attribute names, btw,
> please don't misinterpret silence as happiness.)

Where do you think the interface originated? A lot of time was spent
working on this and getting the ext2 and xfs code bases in sync.

> > o The ability to do online filesystem dumps which are coherent with
> > the system call interface
> It would be nice if some other filesystems could share that mechanism, do
> you think it's feasible? If not, what's the stumbling block? I haven't
> looked at this for some time and there's was some furious work going on
> exactly there just before 2.5. It seems we've at least progressed a
> little from the viewpoint that nobody would want that.

Not really, there are some hooks into XFS which are probably totally
non-trivial for other filesystems.

> > o delayed allocation of file data
> Andrew Morton is working on generic delayed allocation at the vfs level I
> believe, why not bang heads with him and see if it can be made to work with
> VFS?

Already talked at the end of last week, got majorly sidetracked again
this week. This is definitely something I would like to be able to
leverage for XFS.

> > o DMAPI
> It would be nice to have unsucky file events. But there's been roughly zero
> discussion of dmapi on lkml as far as I can see.

Yep, and its not my strong suite. The previous attempt at an implementation
by someone else appears to have died a death.

> > As it is we did all of these, and we seem to have half the Linux NAS
> > vendors in the world building xfs into their boxes.
> True enough.

Now if only we could make some money out of them ;-)


> --
> Daniel

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