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SubjectRe: Congrats Marcelo,
On February 26, 2002 10:56 pm, Steve Lord wrote:
> On Tue, 2002-02-26 at 15:06, Andreas Dilger wrote:
> > On Feb 26, 2002 12:38 -0800, Dennis, Jim wrote:
> > > Now I need to know about the status of several unofficial patches:
> >
> > While my word is by no means official, my general understanding is:
> >
> > > XFS
> >
> > Not for 2.4 - just too many changes to the core kernel code.
> Someone has got to kill this assumption people have about XFS, it
> makes much smaller changes than some things which have gone in,
> the odd VM rewrite here and there to name some. Given that we now
> have official EA system calls, the last chunk of stuff to resolve
> is quota. This is being worked on with Jan Kara.

I'd really like to see XFS go in, but don't you think 2.5 is the place,
with a view to 2.4 submission in due course?

As far as making the case goes, do you have time to make a list of
places where XFS goes outside fs/xfs, and why?

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