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Subjectcs46xx on ThinkPad A22m and poor quality output

I have an IBM ThinkPad A22m 2628-STU. I've been using the cs46xx
driver since I got the machine back in November of 2001. Originally
it worked great. I have two problems. One seems to be known and
intermittently fixed. The other I can't find anything about in the

The known problem is with changing the AC state. With both kernel
2.4.17 and 2.4.18 (maybe others, I don't remember) if I unplug the AC,
I get garbled output. To fix it, I have to unload the cs46xx,
ac97_codec, and soundcore modules then reload them (of course,
restarting esd and xmms). I had seen reports that the unloading of
the modules wasn't necessary somewhere around 2.4.5; only restarting
the apps with open connections to the device. I haven't tested that.

The other problem maybe hardware. Like I said, the sound was crystal
clear. Recently, the output sounds like I blew out my speakers. At
first I thought it was my crappy headphones. I unplugged the
headphones and the internal speakers sound the same way. It's just at
the higher-levels of output (when my xmms eq display has lines that
peak) it sounds fuzzy. The other interesting thing is that streamed
audio sounds much worse than my actual mp3 files. Is it possible the
card got smoked?

I'm at least an average C programmer. I have done almost no kernel
development; however, I will be glad to test, possibly debug, and
otherwise provide what assistance I can to resolve either of these
issues. BTW, I have set the thinkpad=1 parameter for the 46xx
module. I'm not sure what other information you might need to
diagnose this problem.
(__) Doug Alcorn (
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