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SubjectScheduling algorithm - Suggestion
Respected Community members,

Consider the kernel just having to do the scheduling as follows (the thought just occured.. I do not have mathematical proof):

The suggested duration for 0-7 could be rounded off to match line frequency of the respective countries.

The suggested scheduling is sequence (In the Real time)
1-->2-->2-->1-->1-->2-->3-->3-->2-->1-->1-->2-->3. (VM0)
1-->2-->2-->1-->1-->2-->3-->3-->2-->1-->1-->2-->3. (VM1)

0. Running

In this state the process is actually run

1. Preparatory

In this state the necessary resource allocations for running the process is prepared

1. Read the Process Table
2. allocate necessary resources
3. signal to run the process

2. Wait State

This is the stage the machine execute the heartbeat function which consists of

1. read any error status from the heartbeat messages of other nodes
2. prepare the status report
3. write error / log messages in the respective locations

3. Review

In this state, the messages after running of the process and the necessary
steps for transmitting the messages to the next process are taken

4. Reorder states
In this stage, the states of the two processes are altered
(If the state of the process 0 is 0123 then 1032
and of the process 1 is 1032 change to 0123)

5. Cycle Complete state

In this state the Necessary logging of Machine state and heartbeat, Cycle
No Detail Stamping is to be taken care of (Fill details here)

6. State Increment State
This is the crucial state where the promotion of state is done.

7. respawn state
process with incremented states will 0 will be 1 and so on...

VM0 and VM1 are two virtual machines tasks

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