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SubjectLinux 2.4.19-pre1

So here goes the first pre.


- Add tape support to cciss driver (Stephen Cameron)
- Add Permedia3 fb driver (Romain Dolbeau)
- meye driver update (Stelian Pop)
- opl3sa2 update (Zwane Mwaikambo)
- JFFS2 update (David Woodhouse)
- NBD deadlock fix (Steven Whitehouse)
- Correct sys_shmdt() return value on failure (Adam Bottchen)
- Apply the SET_PERSONALITY patch missing from 2.4.18 (me)
- Alpha update (Jay Estabrook)
- SPARC64 update (David S. Miller)
- Fix potential blk freelist corruption (Jens Axboe)
- Fix potential hpfs oops (Chris Mason)
- get_request() starvation fix (Andrew Morton)
- cramfs update (Daniel Quinlan)
- Allow binfmt_elf as module (Paul Gortmaker)
- ymfpci update (Pete Zaitcev)
- Backout one eepro100 change made in 2.4.18: it
was causing slowdowns on some cards (Jeff Garzik)
- Tridentfb compilation fix (Jani Monoses)
- Fix refcounting of directories on renames in tmpfs (Christoph Rohland)
- Add Fujitsu notebook to broken APM implementation
blacklist (Arjan Van de Ven)
- "do { ... } while(0)" cleanups on some fb drivers (Geert Uytterhoeven)
- Fix natsemi's ETHTOOL_GLINK ioctl (Tim Hockin)
- Fix clik! drive detection code in ide-floppy (Paul Bristow)
- Add additional support for the 82801 I/O controller (Wim Van Sebroeck)
- Remove duplicates in pci_ids.h (Wim Van Sebroeck)

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