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SubjectRe: Emu10k1 SPDIF passthru doesn't work if CONFIG_NOHIGHMEM is not enabled
After some more careful testing, I was able to identify the exact moment
when the changes in the Linux kernel broke SPDIF passthru of Emu10k1
cards. I tested all the pre-patches between kernels 2.4.12 and 2.4.13
and I found that kernel 2.4.13-pre2 was the one that broke it. Up until
2.4.13-pre1, everything works fine. From 2.4.13-pre2 on, passthru sound
is broken (if kernel option CONFIG_HIGHMEM4G or CONFIG_HIGHMEM64G is

According to the kernel Changelog, it appears that one of these changes
was the responsible for it:

- Alan Cox: more merging
- Ben Fennema: UDF module license
- Jeff Mahoney: reiserfs endian safeness
- Chris Mason: reiserfs O_SYNC/fsync performance improvements
- Jean Tourrilhes: wireless extension update
- Joerg Reuter: AX.25 updates
- David Miller: 64-bit DMA interfaces

I hope this helps and I hope you can fix it soon.


PS- I'm not a subscriber of the lkml. Please send any messages to if you want to contact me.

On Thu, 21 Feb 2002, José Carlos Monteiro wrote:
> Emu10k1 SPDIF passthru with the creative/kernel OSS driver only works
> if the kernel option CONFIG_NOHIGHMEM is set. If one of the other two
> related options (CONFIG_HIGHMEM4G or CONFIG_HIGHMEM64G) is used
> instead, the sound card is unable to "pass" AC3 streams "through" the
> SPDIF output; only PCM and multi-channel sound gets to the
> amp/speakers. This bug is present since kernel 2.4.13 (with kernel
> 2.4.12 and earlier it worked fine),and it's still present in 2.4.18-rc4

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