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SubjectSome problems on a ThinkPad A30P (again...) writes:
> First, a big thanks for the help I got so far (reg. kapm-idled thread)...
> Today I've experimented some more, and found the following:
> - even ALSA 0.90beta11 can't solve the suspend problem. I also noticed
> something rather strange, that I didn't realize before (due to
> auto-loading of modules):
> When I try to load "snd-card-intel8x0" for the first time,
> modprobe complains about the card not being found or being
> busy.
> When I try to load the same module a second time,
> everything works "fine"...
> But - WHY would linux at first say, the card isn't there, but
> find and initialize the card on the second run?

I had been running ALSA 0.9.0beta8a for some time, because whenever I
upgraded beyond that with either 2.2 or 2.4 kernels I would get similar
problems, in particular crashes when trying to suspend my laptop.

Eventually I decided to give ALSA 0.9.0beta11 a go with 2.4.17, and
then my machine would crash just trying to play sounds.

So I cursed for a while and then took another look at the ALSA
documentation. They no longer say to modprobe "snd-card-foo", but just
"snd-foo" for your driver of choice. In addition some other aspects of
the module hierarchy for ALSA seem to have changed, such that I gathered
trying to install a newer ALSA module stack over the old one would leave
some old modules around.

Once I had a from-scratch install of ALSA 0.9.0beta11 over a
from-scratch install of 2.4.18-rc1 and its modules, and modified
modules.conf to load snd-intel8x0 instead of snd-card-intel8x0,
everything started working fine. In fact, I no longer have to have the
apmd suspend script to unload all the ALSA modules before a suspend and
reload them on resume -- the APM support in ALSA seems to have improved
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