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SubjectConsole keyboard on headless box (no VGA card)

I'm trying to configure a Linux box (i386) which has no video card, but has
a keyboard (PS/2) attached, to still have the console working. The kernel
I'm using (2.4.16) disables /dev/tty? if it finds that no video cards are
present, and so also the keyboard is disabled.

I know what I'm doing, please don't ask why I:
1) use a so strange configuration
2) don't use a serial console
3) don't spend a few bucks to put a VGA inside

I'm searching where to put my hands on, to have this working (console.c,
vt.c, kernel?). Kernels 2.2.x behave differently: they didn't disable the
keyboard. A frame-buffer console can do the trick?

For the curious: I have several headless servers, and I need a simple way to
let people to do a system halt or reboot without logging in remotely. A
blind key sequence on the keyboard is the best solution, I think.

Thanks In Advance

Please cc to me also.

Niccolo Rigacci
Firenze - Italy

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